1. Introduction
  2. Installation
    1. Debian/Ubuntu Linux
    2. Microsoft Windows
  3. Inofficial Sunflow versions
  4. Contact
  5. Legal Note



Sunflow is a rendering system written entirely in Java.


Sunflow offers only a startscript which has to be customized by the user (who has to unpack and setup the system himself, too). Due to these circumstances, I decided to create installers for various plattforms:

Debian/Ubuntu Linux

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Starting with Debian lenny and Ubuntu 8.04 ("hardy"), you can install Sunflow by your preferred installation mechanism (Adept, Synaptic, apt-get, aptitute).

Microsoft Windows

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Installing Sunflow on Windows
Installing Sunflow on Windows
To install Sunflow on Microsoft Windows, download the installer, double-click on the downloaded file and follow the installation dialog. To start Sunflow (assuming you did not change the proposed features), select Sunflow in Start menu -> (All) Programs. If this fails or Sunflow displays a warning that you are not running the server VM, you probably need to install the Sun JDK. The installer ships with an improved start script (Download with right-click -> save as or similar).
Starting Sunflow on Windows
Starting Sunflow on Windows
Download Download msi packages Download a msi packageSunflow 0.07.2 as msi package.
(WARNING: Use right click -> save as or similar, this server recognizes it as text).
2.2 MiB
Download a zipped msi packageSunflow 0.07.2 as zipped msi package
1.4 MiB

Inofficial Sunflow versions

These versions are patched by me.
Download a debian packageSunflow svn version, revision 358, built on 2007-05-31. Patched to build with Java 5.
1.3 MiB
Download a binary distribution (suitable for all platforms, no installer).Binary Sunflow svn version, revision 358, built on 2007-05-31. Patched to build with Java 5.
1.3 MiB


If you have (found) any ideas, questions, bugs or patches please write an email to me (Philipp Hagemeister).

Legal Note

The usage of logos does not imply I am a member of the organization. If not explicitely stated otherwise, I am not.